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The partnership with Ergo Vending has started

In January Saeco launched a partnership with Ergo Vending: for the next five years they shall be exclusive distributors of Saeco automatic vending machines in 5 Italian regions: Lazio, Apulia, Sicily, Calabria and Basilicata. Thanks to its network of service centres, Ergo Vending shall become the exclusive reference point for the Saeco Vending products, spare parts and service in these areas.

Royal Gran Crema is the new coffee machine for the OCS and HORECA markets, fully expressing the excellent quality of Saeco technology.

Aulika is based on a “one touch” logic, with automatic distribution of cappuccino and latte macchiato thanks to a special latest-generation device, the “Pinless Wonder”…

Nextage is equipped with an intelligent system, contained in the digital interface on the front of the machine, which provides an easy and immediate access to all functions.



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