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Research and Development


To address the needs of out of home operators promptly is essential for Saeco.


This is why designing and producing rational and reliable machines that are also easy to maintain, with the correct balance of tradition and modernity, has always been the main goal of the Saeco Research & Development department.


The company was able to develop its own know-how in house, so as to guarantee a product that is 100% made in Saeco: from research to prototyping, from development to pre-launch tests of new products.


Over 45 patents filed by the corporate team in the last 10 years. 10-15 projects developed each year and 3 research labs, one of which is VDE-certified, are proof of Saeco’s technological vocation.


Saeco is one of the few companies that has developed in-house all the fundamental know-how and necessary technology to apply the most advanced coffee brewing methods in and out of home.


Throughout its history, the addition of important stakeholders such as Philips and, since 2017, N&W Global Vending, allowed Saeco to reach the top, especially in the professional sector, and to prepare for new challenges and increasingly ambitious goals.




The Saeco Professional products are the result of an innovative project philosophy for technology, design and product quality.

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