Area is the essential accessory for your work space: a place where aesthetics and practicality merge.
Simple shapes with top quality finishes, from the wide display to the backlit icons.
Inside, it is equipped with the solid technology that has always been the strong point of the Saeco professional coffee machines.
Area is the perfect professional capsule coffee machine for every workplace, from offices to the B2B market.


Area is a professional OCS capsule coffee machine which, for its compact size and rigorous but modern style, can adapt to all small and medium locations.
It is the perfect solution to satisfy the needs of professionals who look for an OCS machine that is easy to use, reliable, beautiful and elegant.
Its premium finishing creates a very modern elegance and harmonious lines that well represent its brand.
From modern and trendy offices, to showrooms, from professional studies to B&Bs, coffee corners and Café Lounges, Area is a "must have", due to the quality of the brewed beverages and the reliability of its components.
Italian design is recognised throughout the world for its creativity and rationality.
Area is 100% made in Italy, the result of Saeco’s constant efforts to attain increasingly high standards.
The measured lines and the style of its finishing are clear even in the smallest details.
Its chrome finish, the high quality of its materials, the wide and modern user interface with its easy-to-use icons and display are the result of years of experience in the field of professional coffee machines.
Thanks to the backlit icons that ensure an intuitive use of the machine, it is possible
to brew up to 8 different direct selection beverages easily.
Simplicity and performance, for a top quality product always.


Area OTC HSC, the evolution of perfection.
Thanks to the Saeco One Touch Cappuccino system, and to the double boiler for the High Speed Cappuccino function, you can get a top quality cappuccino quickly with just one touch.
The tested “Pinless Wonder” system makes it possible to brew a consistently excellent product, one cup after the other, as it is designed to brew around 40 cups of coffee a day on average.
The cappuccinatore cover makes the Area OTC lines clean and essential.
The practical system allows to adjust the height of the dispenser at three different levels, makes it possible to use all kinds of cups and to be very versatile.


Lavazza Blue®*
AREA Focus
Lavazza Blue®*
AREA Focus
* The ‘Lavazza Blue®’ and ‘Nespresso®’ trademarks are not owned by SaGa Coffee Spa or any of its affiliated companies


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