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New EU energy label: what changes in the Food & Beverage sector?
22 March 2021

From 1st March the new simplified energy label, which will also have to be applied to products such as

vending machines for snacks and drinks, came into effect in all European Union countries.


The methodology for the energy consumption classification has been made more intuitive for the

consumer with the main objective of improving the energy efficiency of products sold in the European



The new scale parameters will go from A to G, while the old scale went from A +++ to D.

Therefore, a product that is now in class A +++ will fall into class B or C.


In order to obtain classification A, a product must meet the most rigorous standards of efficiency.

This is to encourage manufacturers to research and innovation for a design that is increasingly attentive to energy consumption and the reduction of environmental impact.


Thanks to the new European legislation, for the responsible consumer it will be easier to understand the degree of efficiency of the products.


From the QR code shown on the labels applied on the snack and beverage vending machines, it will be

possible to consult the data and characteristics recorded by the manufacturers in the EPREL database.


The new energy classification replaces the EVA EMP 3.1 consumption detection system used up to now and defined by the European Vending Association.


This is a big step towards raising awareness of consumption, improving energy performance and reducing the environmental impact. A right evolution towards technological research for intelligent and sustainable production with the world we live in.

Sustainability has always been an essential value for us at Saeco Professional.


For more information you can consult the European Vending Association’s official document >> here


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