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05 June 2019

Elegant, reliable, practical.


Inside Oasi, the new Saeco freestanding hot line, beats a technological heart designed by Evoca Group, leader in Vending.


Oasi means custom technology, maximum efficiency and quality coffee, easy management and maintenance.


It has top quality finishes and is so elegant and modern that it does not go unnoticed, combining a new concept of aesthetics and smart thinking.


Oasi is designed to provide a new look to public spaces, with a reliable and top quality professional machine.


But the true revolution is inside.


The unbeatable Saeco Gran Gusto coffee brewing unit brews an excellent Italian espresso, creamy and intense. Counter piston and ball valve make it possible to draw maximum taste from the tab, which is drenched completely at the right constant pressure, including with smaller coffee doses.


The machine is modular, so as to be able to offer a wide range of possibilities; besides coffee beans, it is possible to load the machine with up to 5 different soluble products, for a total of 42 programmable beverages. Soluble products are managed by an electronically controlled powder dosing system.


Oasi was designed to be easily operated and maintained.


The machine internal structure is rational and easy to manage. Open the machine: the cup, sugar and stirrer dispensers are installed on the inside of the door, where it is also possible to mount the payment systems. Access to all the machine components can be easily obtained from the front, thanks to the tilting panels and the two windows at the back.


The machine is also equipped with the new forged stainless steel boiler that can be inspected and complies with the strictest water quality standards, with excellent thermal yield. Oasi comes under energy class A+.


The front panels are easily customisable and can be backlit. The capacitive keyboard is backlit and there is a 3.5” colour graphic display.


Available in two different heights, 170 cm for the 400-cup version and 183 cm for the 600-cup one, Oasi can be combined with the Saeco Artico snack & food range.


Oasi is the best-in-class solution in terms of quality/price ratio, enhanced by the Saeco brand.


Oasi, a new world.


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