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Saeco Professional machines on Amazon Business
26 July 2021

Some selected models of Saeco brand coffee machines can now also be purchased online on Amazon Business, the Amazon marketplace dedicated to companies and professionals.


The world of B2B is evolving and the birth of new sales channels, such as Amazon Business, is a reality to deal with.


There is a wind of change and Evoca will become an active part of this process.


Direct selling on Amazon will shape a different way of thinking about the sales relationship aimed at companies, offering opportunities to meet new entrepreneurial realities, without however abandoning traditional sales channels.


How to buy Saeco Professional machines on Amazon Business?


Amazon Business is a sales area dedicated to professionals, therefore, to access and view Saeco professional machines, you must be a VAT number holder and have a business account.


After logging in, the user can view the products and purchase them directly or contact Evoca for a personalized request. The prices of the machines, in fact, can be checked immediately within the platform, by selecting the required quantity, or you can request an ad hoc quote.


Receive your new coffee machine with Amazon Prime


Reliability and speed of delivery are two values that we recognize as priorities for our customers. That is why, for the shipments of its products, the company has chosen to use the Amazon Prime service, recognizing an added value for the customer in the responsiveness and speed of execution.




Two Saeco Professional brand machines can currently be purchased on Amazon Business:


Saeco Royal, which combines sophisticated design with great attention to functionality. The capacitive interface, with photo-realistic images and an iconographic display, facilitates the choice of the beverage, giving it a trendy and up-to-date style that is best integrated into any environment, from the most elegant to the most informal. Royal is available for coffee only drinks or also for fresh milk-based drinks.


Saeco Aulika Evo knows how to capture you with its magnetic design. The dispensing area is embellished with blue and white LEDs that light up during the beverage preparation phases, giving Aulika Evo an extraordinarily modern look. Thanks to the capacitive interface with backlit icons, the choice of your favorite drink in direct-touch is done with a simple and intuitive gesture. Equipped with high-capacity containers, Aulika Evo is available in 4 versions - for coffee-based drinks or even one-touch fresh milk-based drinks.


All machines purchased through Amazon Business in Italy from the company's official channel will be covered by a 24-month Evoca commercial guarantee.


This is just the beginning.


The landing on Amazon Business offers a scenario of new opportunities that Saeco Professional is ready to seize.

The project is set to expand to other European countries, such as France and Spain, and to other marketplaces such as Alibaba.


The B2B world is evolving and we are with it.


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