The new Idea Restyle design, thanks to the traditional aesthetic look reviewed with a minimalist and contemporary approach, transforms a traditionally professional machine into the perfect object that can be placed anywhere, from intensive catering venues to modern and elegant hotels.

Idea Restyle is therefore a perfect mix of quality and performance, a machine that has retained the efficiency of the previous version, and that enhances all environments where a high aesthetic is also required in addition to practicality.

The possibility of joining different machines in a modular approach increases the flexibility of use and the ease of assembly, also in very demanding contexts.

The quality of this product is always guaranteed by the use of top level materials and solutions that are the result of intensive research activities by Saeco, a company that has always been keen to develop products that are appropriate for various professional activities


The Idea changes. Especially the sides, that are now flat, to reduce the front footprint and make it possible to place several machines in a line-up, according to the various needs, also without needing to disassemble anything or use special accessories kits.

All this means simple, rational use of spaces and fast assembly. This is the dream of operators in the food industry.

Idea Restyle is delivered in the elegant Classic Black version, with the new, optional interchangeable sides: changing its look according to the surrounding environment is now extremely easy.


Idea Restyle becomes technological and user-friendly, thanks to a more modern technology, as all the best Saeco professional machines.

Attention to details, premium finishing and a very elegant and intuitive graphic display make your relaxing breaks and the preparation of your favourite drink even more pleasant.

The new user interface is especially attractive and ergonomic, thanks to the backlit capacitive keypad and a 3.5” colour display, and makes it possible to programme your favourite beverage simply by touching the keys with a finger, making the use of Idea Restyle a comprehensive and relaxing experience.

Thanks to the possibility of excluding some beverages through the programming menu, the machine can also be used on a self-service basis: this is the perfect solution to make it easier to manage its use in highly traffic-intensive venues.


Let your fantasy soar. From now on, creating your drink or recipe with Idea Restyle has no limitations.

The numerous combinations of ingredients and the ability to use the various elements of Idea Restyle simultaneously allow the user to create personal ad hoc recipes that meet his taste.

The high performance offered by Idea Restyle Cappuccino, the removable and washable brewing unit, the high capacity of the coffee container, 2.1 kg, and of the grounds drawer, the possibility to brew coffee and dispense milk, hot water and steam all at the same time make the new Idea a veritable top player in the market.

Idea Restyle Cappuccino, is delivered equipped with the integrated professional cappuccinatore, with a self cleaning feature after each brew, that makes it possible to deliver coffee and milk cream simultaneously or according to a preset order

Milk is collected directly from the package (that can be stored inside the Milk refrigerator module) and transformed into creamy foam or 4 different milk/coffee mixed beverages.

The double boilers, for coffee and hot water/steam, the 3 hydraulic circuits, turn the new Idea into the perfect machine for workintensive environments, without sacrificing the excellent quality of the final product.
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