Straightforward concept and functional design. Sturdiness and the ability to suit any setting are the essence of IperAutomatica, a machine that knows how to accompany you in your everyday life and work. The decisive and well-structured styling of IperAutomatica, inspired by the search for beauty, blend well with both minimal environments and the most sophisticated architectural contexts of modern workspaces.

Coffee life
at Work.

IperAutomatica, the Saeco Professional solution for out-of-home use, now sports a new, modern and eye-catching image.

The machine adapts perfectly to small spaces thanks to its compact dimensions (max h 550 mm) and is extremely versatile, since it can dispense up to 8 different beverages made from coffee beans and 2 soluble products.

When Design
meets Quality.

Simple to use and service thanks to its modular internal parts and easily accessed water tank, IperAutomatica allows you to create your own personal recipes and is compatible with the major payment system protocols and statistical data collection via the EVA-DTS protocol.


Main features

  • Professional components (brewing unit, coffee grinder, boiler)
  • Modular internal parts (modules: soluble, coffee grinder, coffee and water) for easy maintenance
  • Tall dispensing compartment (145 mm)
  • Photorealistic beverage icons
  • Customizable labels
  • Circuit board allowing recipes to be customized, use of the main payment system protocols (MDB, BDV, Executive) and recording of statistical data through an EVA-DTS protocol


  • Keypad with 8 direct selections
  • 1 button for pre-selection
  • Monochrome graphic display


  • USB pendrive kit
  • Eva-Dts kit
  • Cabinet
  • Hot water solenoid valve kit
  • Water supply connection kit

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