In the proverbial dilemma of whether it is better to be or to appear, Oasi is both.
Oasi is the new line of Saeco vending machines.
Elegant and rigorous, it is designed to dispense high quality products as per Saeco tradition.
But the real revolution lies in its technological heart, born from the experience of the leading Group in the Vending sector. Oasi is maximum efficiency, ease of management and maintenance.

in simplicity.

Oasi represents the best combination of quality and value of its segment.
Elegant and modern, with its eye-catching design it was created to impress. But it is the quality of the products that makes the real difference. The legendary Saeco Gran Gusto brewing unit, for example, the result of tried and tested technology, delivers a real Italian-style espresso.
The modularity of the machine allows up to 42 beverages from coffee beans and instant soluble products to be served.
The powder product dispensing system is electronically controlled to ensure quality and reliability.

Eff ective at all times,
eff icient over time.

Oasi is designed for quick and easy management and maintenance.

The internal layout of the machine is rational and easy to manage.

The cup and stirrer dispensers, sugar container and payment systems are readily accessible on the inside of the door.
All the internal electronic and electrical components are also easily accessible through the tilting front panels and the two windows at the rear.


Main Features

  • Inspectable forged stainless steel boiler (300/600 cc)
  • Brewing unit with Gran Gusto system
  • Gran Gusto hydraulics
  • Easy to customise with backlit photographic panels
  • Backlit capacitive keyboard
  • Up to 6 instant product containers
  • Automatic dispensing of cups (400 or 600), sugar and stirrers
  • Possible to install 3 payment systems on the door at the same time (Saeco 3 Way Pay)
  • Accepts the most commonly used parallel and standard
  • MDB and Executive payment systems (possible Master or Slave configurations)
  • Electronically controlled powder dispensing system
  • Customisable programming
  • Soft-closing compartment door
  • Integrated USB port
  • Vandal-proof coin insertion


  • 16-button keypad to select beverages directly
  • 4 pre-selection keys: +/-sugar, decaffeinated/barley and no-cup option
  • 3.5’’ colour graphic display


+ Artico

Snack & food vending machine


  • Independent water tank kit
  • Eva-Dts kit
  • Lighting kit for upper and lower panels
  • Keyboard lighting kit
  • Dispensing compartment lighting kit
  • Cup sensor kit
  • Direct hot water kit
  • BlueRed kit

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